Helpful Ways For Increasing Rental Property Safety

Landlord needs to understand the significance of rental property safety. Renters depend on them to keep the property secure.

Ways to increase rental property security

Proper lighting

  • Indoor lights in the stairs and hallways need to be bright and burnt bulbs replaced instantly.
  • Outdoor lights in back and front has to be lit brightly and fixed but light which illuminates driveway should be motion activated.

Building’s entry doors security

  • Exit and entry doors need to be of solid and durable material.
  • Deadbolt locks
  • Chain locks
  • Peepholes
  • Intercom system

Thorough tenant screening

  • Background checks help to find out if a possible tenant is a potential threat to other tenants on your property.

Security cameras

  • If multi-family stays on your rental property then this extra cost will be beneficial to more tenants.
  • Cameras in front and back entrance, in hallways, stairs, and anywhere you feel necessary.
  • Placing a CCTV in a tenant’s apartment without approval is illegal.

Monitored alarm system

  • Several home security companies Houston offer 24/7 monitoring services at affordable price.
  • All the units in the building get wired. The tenants make a decision if they actually wish to pay the monitoring service monthly fees or not.


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