Landlord needs to understand the significance of rental property safety. Renters depend on them to keep the property secure.

Ways to increase rental property security

Proper lighting

  • Indoor lights in the stairs and hallways need to be bright and burnt bulbs replaced instantly.
  • Outdoor lights in back and front has to be lit brightly and fixed but light which illuminates driveway should be motion activated.

Building’s entry doors security

  • Exit and entry doors need to be of solid and durable material.
  • Deadbolt locks
  • Chain locks
  • Peepholes
  • Intercom system

Thorough tenant screening

  • Background checks help to find out if a possible tenant is a potential threat to other tenants on your property.

Security cameras

  • If multi-family stays on your rental property then this extra cost will be beneficial to more tenants.
  • Cameras in front and back entrance, in hallways, stairs, and anywhere you feel necessary.
  • Placing a CCTV in a tenant’s apartment without approval is illegal.

Monitored alarm system

  • Several home security companies Houston offer 24/7 monitoring services at affordable price.
  • All the units in the building get wired. The tenants make a decision if they actually wish to pay the monitoring service monthly fees or not.

Remove hindrances from entrances

  • Make sure that crooks find it impossible to hide on or around your rental property.
  • Large shrubs surrounding doorways and blocking street view needs to be removed.

Post emergency numbers

  • On the tenants room door or common bulletin board post emergency numbers.
  • Tenants can contact the fire department, local authorities, and you instantly, in case of emergency.