Taking good care of your gums and teeth with regular brushing and flossing habits is an essential daily routine to keep yourself healthy and smiling. Regular dental examinations also help you to bridge the oral hygiene gap to prevent any aches or loss.

With so much information available on the internet and even from recommendations by dentist San Clemente in Orange County, people do believe myths that surrounds our oral cavity that cause more damage than good. Let us look at some of such myths and how to avoid them for a better oral care.

4 Myths about oral care that you need to ignore

  1. Brushing must be avoided if your gums bleed
  • Bleeding gums indicate that you are not clearing your plaque regularly.
  • So, to avoid bleeding you must continue brushing apart from visiting your dental friend.
  1. Only sweet food intake can cause cavities
  • It is not just sugar, but the food particles that are not cleaned from your tooth surface that result in cavities.
  • Food accumulation attracts bacterial growth which then causes decay and not the sugar component of your food.

  1. Babies have temporary teeth and does not require dental visits
  • Milk teeth are as important for a healthy baby as they help them to learn to speak and eat.
  • Also, they form a guiding path for the permanent teeth and must be taken care of.
  1. Do not visit a dentist till you have a tooth pain
  • Yes, you do need a dental visit if you have an aching tooth
  • But regular visits are equally important to prevent ache from happening at the first place.

Maintaining oral hygiene is essential and only your dentist can guide you towards a better health. So, avoid all the myths and do your best to have a happy grin.