Shaman means ‘Spiritual Healer’ or ‘one who can see in the dark’. Shamanism means willingly connecting to spirit dominion for insight and healing.

Shamanism field can be accessed only when the person obtains special shamanic abilities.

  • To willingly enter, maintain full control, and maneuver through various states of consciousness.
  • Be a mediator between physical and spiritual world.
  • Create and maintain stability between nature, humankind, and spirit world.

At energy medicine school, you will gain in-depth knowledge of shamanic healing perspective. You will learn to move and manipulate energy from other person’s body or heal the very core [spirit] of the individual.

Types of shamanic healing practices

Shamanic healing session

In a sacred space, open conversation takes place between client and shaman. Client wears loose, comfortable clothes and lies on their back. Shaman accesses different energy centers to sense unnecessary or stagnant energy is stored, which gets released and places empowering energy at the right points. The client is then navigated through a shaman journey through three different worlds for healing and wisdom. Shaman channels energy from spirit world into the client’s body and returns back.

Much deeply rooted energy got shifted, so the client will feel changes. Stored toxins from the mind, spirit, and body got released.

Shamanic plant-medicine healing

Plant medicines get ingested and during a ceremonial journey the shaman guides, protects, and if necessary intervenes. Later, the shaman even helps client to understand, realize, and incorporate their experience.

Plant medicines are not applied for recreational purpose but need to be taken seriously. Allow the medicine to carry them because plant spirit knows what the person needs to feel, see, hear, and thus learn from this experience.