In fair trade locally produced goods and commodities are bought and sold. Fair trade policies honor natural environment related to production and promotes connections, sustainability, and fairness.

Reasons to buy organic fair trade coffee

  • Organic coffee is less bitter and has true flavors of origin.
  • Coffee is very heavily sprayed crop, which is a big NO.
  • Pesticides are related to weight gain, hormone disorders, cancer, and autism. Drink healthy organic coffee without drop of pesticide!
  • You hardly get ripped off because the price of coffee products at fair trade is well-controlled.
  • If you desire the healthiest coffee option then buy it at fair trades.
  • It means there is no synthetic flavors, damaging chemicals but the total coffee roasting process is meant to offer customers healthy coffee bean.
  • Coffee beans are rich in Vitamin B, magnesium, copper, zinc, and minerals but without fertile soil they cannot offer necessary nutrition to you.
  • It is proved that organic foods are loaded with nutrition than their non-organic counterparts and it is the same with organic coffee.

Appreciate farmers producing organic coffee

  • Coffee demand is escalating. It is very hard to grow coffee. Coffee farmer experiences unhealthy working conditions and intense labor.
  • Farmers participating in fair trade work very hard to nurture the best healthy coffee you enjoy daily so appreciate their effort and spend dollars in buying good coffee from fair trades.

Fair trade means product and commodities producers are paid reasonable wages and treated as humans. In addition, it makes sure that the overall environment is sustained.